Facials and proper home care are vital to maintaining healthy beautiful skin. Customized products are used to enhance your experience and target any skin care concerns. Wink Beauty Bar uses Skin Script, a gentle yet effective skin care line. It is paraben free, fruit based and ideal for treating all skin types and ethnicities. These products are created to address skin concerns while improving the skin's appearance. Skin Script's philosophy is based on the idea of progressive rather than aggressive treatments. With proper home care use and consistent treatments, Wink Beauty Bar ensures positive results! 

Signature Dermaplaning and Enzyme $90.00

Wink Beauty Bar offers a signature facial which includes a double cleanse, skin analysis, custom enzyme exfoliation mask, extractions, dermaplaning, mask, corrective serums, hydration and of course SPF. Products used are determined based on skin type, concerns and desired results.

Advanced Facial $115.00

Skin will look immediately brighter and healthier in one single treatment with minimum downtime. The Advanced Facial at Wink Beauty Bar is only available to clients who have previously had treatments with us. Our Advanced Facial includes dermaplaning with the application of either a boosted enzyme mask or chemical peel and finished with a hydro jelly mask. Customized products are used to enhance your experience and target any skin care concerns and a facial, neck and shoulder massage is done to further relaxation.

This treatment exfoliates, hydrates, firms, and brightens while infusing serums deeper into the skin and increasing blood flow which feeds the skin with oxygen and nutrients. The Hydro Glow Facial includes a double cleanse with hydro therapy, peeling treatment, enzyme exfoliation, neck and shoulder massage, hydro-extractions, ultra sonic therapy and finishes with peptide infusion and oxygen therapy. 

Enhance your glow even further! Dermaplaning removes dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) giving your skin a beautiful, heatlhy glow! 

Microneedling is performed for the treatment of wrinkles, fine lines, scars (especially acne scarring), and improving skins overall appearance and health. The procedure involves the insertion of a multi-point micro-needle into the skin at a very high rate of speed, usually thousands of insertions per minute. As these micro-needles enter the skin they injure it (in a controlled environment), which in turn triggers the body's natural healing and regeneration response to cellular injury. Part of this epidermal repair process involves the production of new collagen and elastin, which results in a thicker dermal layer that softens the appearance of wrinkles. DOWNTIME of a couple days. 
  *This must be done in a series of 3 for best results. We will discuss proper home care and treatment plan during consultation. 
   *Must be on proper home care products. All products bought with this treatment will be 10% off for a limited time. 
   *Must be able to arrive to the appointments 30 MINUTES BEFORE your service time to apply the numbing cream. 

This treatment infuses ingredients into the skin resulting in healthier, plumped and hydrated skin. Depending on the serum used, this treatment will reduce the appearance of fine lines, reduce pigmentation, hydrate, lighten and tighten. 
Nano-Infusion penetrates your products deeper into the skin resulting in better results with no downtime and no numbing required. 
Includes a double cleanse, enzyme exfoliation OR dermaplaning, nano-infusion with serums, and finishing products. 

Nano Infusion Eye and Lip Treatment Add-On $30
Hyaluronic Acid is infused into the eyes and lips with nano-needling, resulting in deeper penetration and beautiful, plumps eye and lips! 

Chemical Peels $50.00/$300 for the series and 15% off home care kit

Peels must be done in a series of six and can only be performed after an enzyme treatment is completed. Wink Beauty Bar offers glycolic, lactic and TCA peels. The client must be on proper home care for a minimum of 7-10 days prior to starting a chemical peel series.

Dermaplaning $45.00

A sterile, surgical scalpel is used to gently exfoliate the skin's surface resulting in smoother, healthier skin. Because this treatment removes the dead skin cells, this aids in deeper product penetration and can also diminish the look of fine lines. Added bonus, this treatment also removes vellus hair (peach fuzz)! A double cleanse, dermaplaning prep, dermaplaning and finishing products is done during this treatment- no extras!

Enzyme Treatment $50.00

This is a great treatment for new clients! Double cleanse, enzyme treatment and finishing products. Natural fruit enzymes are used to target specific skin concerns and reveal healthier, glowing skin!


Jelly Mask $15

Add this to any skin treatment. Jelly masks are mainly made with refined alginate and provide hydration and a cooling effect. These mask create a vacuum-like seal oer the skin resulting in an increased performance of any products applied prior as well as the benefits of each mask. There are many different options including gold, vitamin c, collagen, diamond, tea tree, stem-cell and many more. Each of these masks have different benefits and are selected based on skin type and skin needs.

Collagen Eye and Lip Treatment $12.00

What are enzymes? 

Enzymes are a form of chemical exfoliation and break down the desmosomes which hold the dead, dull skin cells together. Enzymes are gentler than chemical peels and are used in our Signature Facial. Since enzymes exfoliate the skin without the use of acids, they are a great choice for clients with sensitive skin. At Wink Beauty Bar, an enzyme is always done before starting a chemical peel series to analyze the skin and any sensitivities. There are many enzymes available and will be explained during the consultation. Many clients don't progress to chemical peels as they love the results from enzymes and instead just graduate to stronger enzymes each visit. 

what are chemical peels?

Skin Script's chemical peels are minimal downtime, results-oriented peels. Peels must be done in a series of six. It is a progressive, rather than aggressive approach. Prior to any chemical peel series at Wink Beauty Bar, you must be on proper home care for a minimum of one week prior to treatment. 


A chemical peel can treat many skin concerns and after a thorough consultation your Esthetician will prescribe the correct peels to use throughout the series of six to ensure best results. Chemical peels are wonderful for their lightening capabilities, they dissolve desmosomes to aid in anti-aging with texture and fine lines, dissolve oil, treat acne, and work on pigmentation for any Fitzpatrick level. 

What is dermaplaning?

Also known as dermal leveling, is the process of using a sterile blade to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz). This procedure is entirely painless and is a highly effective form of mechanical exfoliation with many benefits. Dermaplaning exfoliates resulting in softer, smoother skin, brightens, stimulates cell turnover and aids in deeper penetration of products. This process reduces the appearance of fine lines, pores and decreases hyper pigmentation. 

Why is home care so important?

Facial services are great for treating your skin concerns with the use of stronger professional-only products. However, proper home care is vital for healthy skin. At Wink Beauty Bar, your Aesthetician will teach you which products are best for your skin, how to use them and why they will be important in maintaining your results from your services. We carry products that are chirally correct, clinical and corrective. It is so important to invest in your skin's health with products that are correct for your skin type, condition and concerns as recommended by your Licensed Aesthetician. Over the counter products are made in large batches for the masses, contain a low percentage of active ingredients and high amount of fillers, have a high pH level and are quite pricey for what you are getting. Professional products are made in small batches, contain a high level of active ingredients without any dyes or fragrances, are pH adjusted and actually penetrate the skin aiding in treatment of skin conditions.